Mario Valle
Addr. Piazza Biroldi 20
21100 Varese
Tel. +39.0332.235276

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Professional profile


I have built a strong experience on the study and realization of advanced technology applications in the visualization area. Visualization is a multidisciplinar field that let me explore not only various fields like chemistry and fluid dynamics, but also the cognitive effectiveness of tools and representation methods.

I approach visualization from both a theoretical side, but also with a strong interest in applications development and real-life usage.


Working experiences

Since 2003

Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS)
Manno (Lugano) Switzerland


I support the center scientific users for their visualization needs. In this role also build visualization applications and toolkits mainly for chemistry users.

Beside this, I teach academic-level courses in the visualization area and continue my applied research on representation in chemistry methods form the perceptual and effectiveness point of view.

1995 – 2002

Advanced Visual Systems S.r.l.


I was in charge of the analysis and development of advanced visualization applications for customer projects. In this role I also studied and implemented Computer Vision algorithms.

I was delivering consultancy to customers and partners for the development of visualization applications either for scientific or business decision support systems.

In strict cooperation with CINECA (Bologna) I was in charge of their institutional courses on Computer Graphic and Visualization.

1987 – 1995

Digital Equipment S.p.A.


I played various roles, from programmer to project leader, in an internal development group. The development projects I worked on started in the logistic management area and then moved on to client/server applications on LAN and Web.

Then I switched to a software engineering consultant role for DEC customers and internal development groups. During this period I worked in strict cooperation with CNUCE (Pisa) and AICA (Roma).

I was in charge of the Digital Italia Software Engineering Improvement Program.

1984 – 1987

Centro Studi Internazionali


I was hired as programmer on DEC Unix machines for text management applications. Then moved to system manager and software development supervisor.




University “La Sapienza” – Roma


Degree in Electronic Engineering. Vote: 110/110 with honors.
Thesis: “Top-Down Design Proposal for a Fault Tolerant Distributed System” with professor Giacomo Cioffi.


ITIS Feltrinelli – Milano


“Perito industriale” (specialization: industrial electronics) diploma.
Vote: 60/60.


Knowledge and experiences

  • Visualization techniques and tools (AVS/Express, VTK and EnSight primarily) and related technologies like computer graphic.
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing techniques.
  • Programming languages: C++, C, Java and Visual Basic. Scripting languages like Tcl/Tk and PHP.
  • Object oriented design and testing methodologies.
  • Web development tools and methods.
  • Scientific computing tools and algorithms.
  • Usage and management of PC, Unix, Linux platforms.



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Teaching experience


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English Good
Spanish Excellent
German Beginner (B1)

Professional societies affiliation

  • IEEE Computer Society member.
  • American Chemistry Society member.

Other information

  • I eagerly accept relocations and moves.
  • The work quality in my professional work and hobbies is really important.
  • The teamwork is important for me as the personal autonomy and initiative.
  • I like mountaineering, classical music and visual arts. When have time I am a watercolor painter. I practice Tai Chi Chuan and sometimes I try to apply my sommelier studies.
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