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(Un)Informative Icons

Without reading, are you able to distinguish man’s toilet from the ladies one?

Luckily the above signs are supported by a more readable “azulejo”.

Here we are in the cafeteria of the Azulejos’ National Museum in Lisbon.

Truculent warning sign in the hotel elevator (Vip Berne – Lisbon). The elevator’s cabin has no doors.

“A Ala dos Namorados”. Blood, violence and death. Obviously the text legend does not refer to lovers…

Parque Eduardo VII – Lisbon

No entrance for pedestrian carring axes? Or, we cut tires to cars that enter here?

Rua da Graçia – Lisbon

Deceiving Dead End sign. Note that in Italy white arrow on blue background means obligatory direction…

Taken in Perugia.

What I’m supposed to use to close this door? And the GermEnglish language is superb (or is it Englutsch?).

ETH Zürich.

This strange right that sometimes is on the left.

Found on the web.