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Post processing & visual communication

Make the numbers communicate something is the goal of visualization. Visualization thus need to take ideas and method from the more general visual communication field.

Communication uses different media: images, movies, computer animations, web pages, etc. Here I start collecting tools, tips and suggestions about the so called postprocessing phase of a visualization, i.e. the phase needed to increase quality of images for publication and to generate movies suitable for a presentation.

  • Image manipulation tools and techniques list some useful and often used manipulations of images. The tricks are mainly based on ImageMagick usage.
  • Video preparation and editing based mainly on mencoder program.
  • The mefe mencoder frontend to simplify the assembly of images into a movie.
  • A test of the downscaling functionalities of ImageMagick with molecular visualization images and another one with natural scene images.
  • My collection of things that needs testing or implementation. What is still missing is material on ChemViz applets, general principles of visual communication, the effectiveness principles (Tufte, etc.) and various media specific communication issues.
  • A simple flowchart to start setting-up your web presence. It is also an organized entry point into the list of tools I tried for my web pages.