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[My career path so far]

Working experience

After studies in Rome at the Università la Sapienza, I worked for Digital Equipment where I specialized in software engineering for (mildly boring) logistic applications. Then in 1995 I had the opportunity to start working for Advanced Visual Systems (AVS), where I discovered the fascinating world of visualization.

As an AVS sales engineer I tried to help customers defining visualization solutions, and making them thinking about seen the unseen, as sometimes the visualization field is defined. But also developed visualization application in the most disparate areas: medicine, CFD, computer vision…

In 2003 I moved to the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) in the Data Science Group. Here I work mostly with the center's chemistry users helping them for their visualization needs, providing tools and developing chemistry visualization and data analysis projects.

Research interests

Visualization foundation
Especially human visual perception, information content optimization…
Representation in chemistry
Visualization techniques for chemistry data to enhance cognition
Human interaction with visualization tools
How to enhance visualization effectiveness, maybe learning from games
Scientific data management
How to make the whole field less boring and more effective for scientists?
Visualization integration in the discovery cycle
Creativity, distributed cognition, access to computational tools…