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The Perfect Tool Project

[The poster presented at IEEE Vis06]

The name “The Perfect Tool Project” is an ironic name with a double meaning:

  1. Looking at the existing visualization tools with a non-chemist eye, seems that they are far from perceptions and worse, they lags behind the chemistry reliance on graphical representations
  2. It is intended to be an “igniter” for both visualization experts and chemistry researchers to make both fight the status quo and ask for new developments and functionalities

The project is just started. For now it made available the first report and the list of tools tested. Another survey available is about representation methods in chemistry (and the parallel collections of errors in visualization tools) that spots the almost complete uniformity of representational methods between tools.

The project idea is to define a series of themes related to visualization usage in chemistry and prepare small example applications to collect researchers' feedback. Those feedbacks will be initially collected to define the characteristics a “perfect” chemistry visualization tool should have.

But more that a new tool design, the project what to provide an “excuse” to make the researchers think outside their usual tools about what visualization could provide to them to make their work more effective.

An initial poster on this project titled “Visualization support to chemistry visualization” for the IEEE Visualization 2006 conference has been selected as “Best Poster” finalist!

Project support material