[Mario Valle photo]
Ing. Mario Valle
Visualization expert

I like to see things. I like to contribute to scientists’ discovery work. I like to collaborate with people passionate about their work.

Since 2003 my job at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) is to help scientists from the most diverse fields to understand their data. This mainly means scientific visualization, but also tools development, cooperative projects, “Big Data”, and similar amenities.

Besides this, I’m also enthusiastic about Montessori’s ideas. In fact, I found interesting connections between visualization, supercomputing and Maria Montessori’s project that are worth exploring.

(In a documentary my name has been written Mario Lanna. Why?)

Scientific Visualization

[Chemistry visualization example]

I am involved with visualization since 1995. In those pages you will find material, experience and resources deriving from this work.

[Visualization book front cover]

General visualization resources: An introduction to visualization in ten slides and in an interview [italiano]. A list of tools to getting started with visualization. Material and ideas around Art and Visualization. Do not forget my book [italiano]: Introduzione alla Visualizzazione Scientifica.

Chemistry Visualization resources: STM4 ChemViz platform. A list of free ChemViz tools. A study about representation in chemistry with a small collection of visualization errors in ChemViz. The Perfect Tool Project tried to cover what should be needed to make chemistry visualization tools more usable. The CrystalFp library that had contributed to a paper published on Nature.

Visual communication resources: Final product preparation (video, images, …). Visualization on the Web. And a small collection of (un)informative images.

AVS & AVS/Express resources: AVS/Express tutorial. You should remember that STM4 is built on top of AVS/Express.


Montessori’s ideas, science and supercomputers

[Maria Montessori]

Maria Montessori ideas and her method are not something from the 19th century, something old and dusty. They have sound scientific basis and I continue to find commonalities between these ideas and my work with scientists and supercomputers. You can find few examples in the slides: “Montessori through the eyes of a scientist”.

I have collected various ideas from the Montessori’s world.

Can we learn something from computational scientist’s work? Something that can reconcile mathematics and school?

Few considerations over technology, digital natives, scientists and Montessori method in my talk: “More is Different – Parola di nativo digitale… e di Premio Nobel”.

Due to the audience, almost all material is in Italian, [italiano] but I started translating part of it in English.

Here, you can find the list of past and future talks about Montessori.

Other projects

[Darwin's tree of life] Selectome, looking for Darwinian Evolution in the Tree of Life.
[Real scene and reconstructed with MOD3D] MOD3D: 3D reconstruction from movies is an old Computer Vision project of which I’m particularly proud.
[Virus HIV-1] OMEGA: Open Microscopy Environment inteGrated Analysis.
[CrystalFp screen] CrystalFp: The Crystal Fingerprinting method.